What a beautiful, humane, dreamlike film this is... https://t.co/IPIkliUydK @NewTownUtopia Go and watch it if you're interested in cities, culture and society

Thanks @flatpack for another great screening. We really enjoyed showing @NewTownUtopia by @cismith and Tower/Garden by @kino_libby at @Centrala_space last night. #housing #brutalism #architecture

@NewTownUtopia really glad to finally see the film tonight, it was brilliant. Beautifully shot. One thing is bugging me though... WHAT was the piano piece that played throughout? I know it but I can’t place it

Really looking forward to @NewTownUtopia tonight @flatpack @Centrala_space. In thinking about redesigning Birmingham as an artist-friendly city.


There are some fantastic examples of brutalism in Basildon. Can anyone help us identify the architect of these buildings - part of Basildon Hospital and built in 1973?

#brutalist #brutalism

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