Just watched this, loved it. Art, politics, architecture and hope. (And Depeche Mode mentions!) https://t.co/jrmDaY43xI

Finally got around to watching 'New Town Utopia' @NewTownUtopia on @BFI - a film about Basildon - beautiful, troubling and sad. Recommended. https://t.co/35msh3NZHO

@BritUnofficial @NewTownUtopia @BFI Just watched it on Amazon Prime. Definitely recommended.

After recent trips to Cumbernauld & Billingham, today I went to check out Skelmersdale to look around what’s left of the original 1961 New Town vision...

This week we watched 'New Town Utopia' (@NewTownUtopia), directed by @cismith, 2017.

An insightful look into the dichotomy between a planner's dream and residents' reality of living in Basildon new town. Packed with creative and political history, it's well worth a watch.

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